Oct 21

June 18 2012

Observance June 18:
As we do every year, we gathered at Flushing Cemetery to pay our respects to the departed and to commemorate the appeal on June 18, 1940 by Gen. de Gaulle. This speech broadcast by the BBC marked the beginning of resistance to German occupation.
Father Gerald Murray, chaplain, Mme. Françoise Cestac, counselor, Mme. Isabelle Van Bocktaele, Mme Jacqueline Vannier, Mme. Josette Jondeau, Mme. Adele Rysavy, M. Yahia Hadi, Head of Social Services at the Consulate General of France, Mr. Jean Lachaud, President of the American Society of Le Souvenir Français, Col. Serge Gabriel, Dr. Pierre Van Bockstaele, Mr. Alain Dupuis, President, Joseph Crouzilhat, 1st Vice-president, Daniel Falgerho, 2nd Vice-president, André Ferrara, former President, Pierre Martinez, Color Guard, and Stephane Jondeau. Our faithful friend Rocco Moretto, veteran of the D Day landing on June 6, 1944 joined us in the ceremony.