As a U.S. corporation registered in the State of New York, the Federation has jurisdiction over all the States in the Union, Canada and Mexico. It thus initiated the formation of many chapters, including Philadelphia, Washington, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Mexico and Holyoke, which have in time, become independent. Its insignia was designed by Cartier in 1919.

Felix Froger, its first President, was a naturalized U.S. Citizen who, having enlisted in 1914 as a private in the 13th Field Artillery Regiment of the French Army, transferred to the U.S. Army when the United States entered the war in 1917. He left the Army at the end of the war with the rank of captain.

Froger was followed in the Chair by presidents E. Amiot, Collin Delavaud, Armiot, J. Raffray, A.Cougnenc, R. Bouygue, J. Mancini, Joseph Donon (1929-31), F. Hoffner, L. Bayart, M.Roux, Dr. Simard, J.P. Millon, P. Triou, J. Rueff, J. Hesse,
G. Ittel, Dr. Jules Pierre, R. Mouttet, A. Hartman, Bruno Kaiser, Roger Cestac and Bruce Boeglin.

The honorary presidency has traditionally been held by H.E., the French Ambassador to Washington, ever since Ambassador Jusserand thus first honored the Federation in 1920. Marshals Foch, Petain and Fayolle, General Gouraud and President Georges Clemenceau are among the Federation’s Honorary Members.

Membership quickly rose from 230 two months after incorporation, to close to a thousand veterans, including its several chapters throughout the country and Canada. Attrition has since reduced membership to today’s 145 French Veterans of the first and second World Wars, Korea, Indochina, Algeria and other overseas theaters of operation. The Federation also keeps in touch with some 40 widows.

It endeavors to maintain the spirit of Franco-American comradeship-in-arms, by participating in official ceremonies with its Band of Les Cadets Lafayette, and its Color Guard, by calling its membership to meetings at regular intervals and nurturing the spirit of brotherhood bred on the field of battle.

Finally, it purports to keep alive the memory of all who have fallen in the cause of Freedom and, to this end, it participates with the American Society of Le Souvenir Français, together with other like-minded historical organizations, in building, maintaining and renovating memorials, such as at Yorktown (1989) and Annapolis (renovated in 1990), the French Sailors’ plot in the Cypress Hills, NY, National Cemetery (restored in 1991), the Two World Wars’ Cenotaph in the church of Saint Vincent de Paul in New York (updated in 1992), and several plaques marking the route followed by Washington and Rochambeau, in Southbury, CT and Georgetown (1993).


Certificate of Incorporation, filed in the Department of State, Albany, New York on the 9th day of July 1919:

[Amendé par un «Certificate of Change of Purposes and in Number of Directors» enregistre Ie 26mai 1941. Amendé par un «Certificate of Change of Name from Federation of French War Veterans of the Great War, Inc» to «Federation of French War Veterans, Inc.» enregistré le 12 mars 1945.]

1. The name of the Corporation is: “FEDERATION OF FRENCH WAR VETERANS, Inc.”

2. The purposes for which it is to be formed are social, literary, patriotic and historical; and voluntarily to give moral and material aid and sustenance to members and others who are veterans of French origin or descent of the War of 1914-1918, of the War of 1939- 1945, or are dependent upon such veterans, or who are veterans of these Wars, of other than French origin and descent and served in the armies of France: and in general to exercise the powers conferred upon such Corporation by Article 3 of the Membership Corporation Law of the State of New York.

3. The territory in which its operations are to be principally conducted is the United States and Canada.

4. The City in which its principal office is to be located is New York, Borough of Manhattan.

5. The number of its Directors shall not be less than fourteen and not more than twenty-five.

6. The time for holding its annual meeting is on the fourth Thursday in April in each year.

7. The name of the Corporation is: “Federation of French War Veterans, Inc.” which, translated into French is: “Fédération des Vétérans de Guerre Français, Inc.”

By usage, the word “Veteran” has the connotation “Ancien Combattant”. Therefore, the corporate name “Federation of French War Veterans, Inc.” to the members of the corporation is synonymous with “Fédération des Anciens Combattants français”. Le nom français de la Société est: Fédération des Vétérans de guerre français. Consacré par I ‘usage aux Etats-Unis, Ie mot Veterans est la traduction littérale de I’ anglais et équivaut a I’ expression française Ancien Combattant. …«Federation of French War Veterans» peut donc aussi bien se traduire par: